Thursday, 30 January 2014

It Tried....

... to snow this morning!!  I saw a WHOLE flake!!! VBG  All I can say is... it needn't to bother until AFTER tomorrow evening!  The last thing I want is snow when I'm off to my Lace class tonight.  Missed last week because of the dratted 'flu thing!  I am NOT missing tonight as well!  Note to self... Do Not Forget Your Thread!!!  One bobbin has run out and needs more thread and I've left it at home twice!!

Himself has gone to take a family friend out for lunch.  Said friend had an argument with a pavement the other day (Monday I think) and has ended up fracturing his arm.... last time he did this it was his hip!  Now you'd think that he would remember that pavements bite back wouldn't you??  Bit like our cat... she had a go at me earlier... all because I had the laptop on my knee instead of her!!  Little Madam!

Jane put her Day 9 of the Tat it and see up this morning.  Here's my contribution:

McVroom still thinks it's definitely the entrance to his 'new home'.... a duck house!!  I've already told Jane that it's a Thingummybob with a Jigamatwist on the side and a Hurududu underneath.... LOL  Guess we'll just have to wait and see!!

I've also been working a bit more on this 'ere hankie edging... I will get it finished eventually, but it won't be tonight or tomorrow.... lace tonight (hopefully), and tomorrow I'm at the optician during the day and have to lock flood gates tomorrow evening... 4 days running - high tides and I'm not risking a flood!!  Mind you, it will be early on Saturday because our local drama group is doing a version of Calendar Girls and I've got tickets!!!  Himself is coming with me!

Anyway, think I'll go make me a bit of lunch!

Chat later


  1. Hurududu.... Watership Down.

    I love your blog posts. They brighten my day.

  2. Thanks Ladytats!! I try my best.... LOL As for Hurududu.... you guessed my favourite book!!! VBG

    1. I have read it at least 4 times over the years. A good book and I learn something new each time.

  3. Brilliant isn't it?? Think I may just have to tat Fiver and Hazel!! Not 'the General' though.... but Keehar could be fun!!