Saturday, 31 January 2015

It's a....

Rabbit on a unicycle!!  What is? Did I hear someone ask??

You can clearly see it!  Oh Yes You Can!!!!  The button is his face and the first 'tatty bits' are his ears!!!  So, I think Maureen in Oz has just given up faaar to early on her Wabbit!!! LOL

So, what else can I tell you... well, it's been chucking it down with rain and sleet here!!!  'Orrible weather it is!!!  Had to go shopping for food earlier, and what did we come back with?? A feather and down Winter Duvet!!!  Our duvet is over 30 years old and really just 'past it's best'!!  Considering going and curling up under it NOW and hibernating till this weather has disappeared!!! VBG  Well, I would, 'cept for one slight challenge... 1 cat on the fishtank... and the other 2??  On our bed!!!  It wouldn't be polite to chase them off so I can change the bed now would it??  I shall have to do it later!!  Hope it's not too much later.... otherwise it'll be waiting till tomorrow!!

Anyway, off to do food now.... I'se hungry I'se is.... think it's either the weather or the amount of energy that rabbit is expending on that unicycle!!!

Chat later


  1. Bitterly cold here, but hey I do envy you snuggling under a new duvet, you certainly will notice the difference, so will the cats!

    1. I've got to get the cats OUT of bed first!!! VBG Reminds me of a cat bed we used to have... the washing instructions actually said how to wash the bed... and then... Remove Cat First!!! What they forgot to say was.... HOW??!! LOL

  2. Love your guess about a rabbit on a unicycle.