Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Star for a Day

Morning All

Well, the weather here today is 'orrible!!  Damp, miserable, rainy, dull, dark.... murky!!!  Bit like river mud out there at the moment!!

Well, Jane's TIAS reached Day 5 yesterday, however we went out with my MIL for lunch and my phone went flat so I couldn't put up a pic of what I'd done!!!  This is Day 5 and I still say it's the 'second half' of the 'duckhouse roof'!! LOL

The reference to Star came from the fact that it's we 'ere today.... and the thread is Lizbeths Seascape and I got the book the other day and the Starry Snowflake is finished!!  Had to share it!!  Now I'm wondering what it would look like in a deep blue with silver beads.....  Stars in the Night Sky!!!!  Maybe that'll be next.... VBG

Chat soon


  1. Thanks God's Kid!! I've to be careful though... for some unknown reason my son thinks it's cool too!!! LOL