Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Look What the Postman brought!!

Evening all

Well, after I'd been on and posted this morning about Jane's TIAS I started looking for those elusive scissors!!       They still haven't turned up.... but I did find a pair of snips that did the job!! LOL

Anyway, as I was saying.... after the web post this morning I realised that 'Himself' had 2 parcels in his hand.... he'd just been near the letter box and the only post was for liccle ol' meeee!!  2 parcels!!!  Just like Christmas all over again!! VBG

Here is what was in the flat one:

And there's another on its way!!   I had some pennies sitting in my Amazon account from my MIL's christmas present from 2012 and I decided to spend it!!  Guess who's now got Lizbeth Seascape wound onto shuttles and is doing day 18 of the snowflakes???  Yup.... you're right - Meeee!!!  I'll maybe show you a pic of how far I've got tomorrow.... you never know your bad luck!! VBG

Did I hear you ask what's in the other one??  Now you know those nice people who have Etsy shops.... well they sometimes list tatting shuttles don't they??  Now you know what was in it!!  What do you mean? You really want to see it??  Oh.... go on then.... you twisted my arm!!

Oh I do so love wooden tatting shuttles!  They're sooo.... friendly!!! You just have to hold them in your hands!!!!  Thinking of treating myself again later in the year.... see how many different woods I can collect them in!! LOL  Maybe only a couple of times a year tho.... birthdays and Christmas sound good!!

Oh, nearly forgot to mention.... I've decided to enter that there 25 motif challenge!!  Jane's TIAS will be the first to be started, and the second is on the go now!!! LOL

Anyway, back to the shuttles!!

Chat soon

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