Saturday, 25 January 2014

Now There Be A Dragon!!

Hi All

Thunderstorm outside!!  Not sure where my cats are either!  Well I know where Luna is.... she's asleep on the cushion where Himself sits.... black & white cat curled up asleep not wanting to know about anything nasty outside!!

Didn't post Jane's TIAS yesterday.... I've been down with the 'flu!! however, before we get onto the subject of Dragons, here is the Plant Pot complete with flower for this Duck House that we're tatting!!  Well.... I think it is anyway!!  We'll just have to wait and see!!

Not sure how long the internet will stay on for before Sir switches it off... it's a dish on the chimney and I can't remember if it's earthed or not!!  Amateur Radio equipment is already unplugged.... 100 metres of wire along the length of the garden can be nasty if they're hit!!  I'll know if the power goes off because Young Sir's fishtank lights and pump will go off and the South African Cichlids won't like that so keep fingers crossed!!

Now about this Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragon called McVroom.... he realised it was about to rain and Loch Dragons LOVE water!!  However, they are different to the Water Dragon because they also love Mountains and high hills!!  You can also see them occasionally in the Lake District in the UK....That's why they are the colour that they are!!  Here's what Anne herself has to say about them:

Make as many dragons you like and keep them or give them away. These dragons don't like being sold. If you sell the dragons you make, they'll return and make many short parts of your tatting stash.
If somebody wants you to tat a dragon for them, make them give you the thread you need.

On Minor Norwegian Dragons
There are several different kinds of Minor Norwegian Dragons and they are not completely described yet. Some are single coloured and some are spotted. The spotted kinds might be symmetric or asymmetric. Some keep their colour all the time, some change colour through the year.

I'm not sure what colour McVroom will go in the Summer or if there's snow on the ground.... we'll just have to watch and find out!!  Anyway, as we have a thunderstorm he went and sat on the windowsill watching it start so he could go for a good long wet flight!!  So I got a picture of him!!!

The reason that McVroom likes flying when it's raining and blowing and generally 'orrible outside is that they aren't noticed by people!!  People scurry along with their heads down and umbrellas up in the rain.... they aren't looking out for dragons!!  This is good for Dragons as they are very shy and don't like to admit that they are around!!  It's possibly why not an awful lot is known about Minor Norwegian Dragons of which McVroom is a Scottish Descendant!!  Also they are VERY rare so you're lucky if you have one!! LOL  Now you know about them.... you'll have to keep a watch out.... see if you can see one!!  I forgot to mention.... he's a devil for lying on his back with his tummy exposed!!!!  Thinks it makes him more camouflaged!!!  As I mentioned before he does have a claim to fame in that he features in the books by Terry Pratchett about the Nac Mac Feegles where they think the's a big bird.... also he appeared in 'disguise' as Norbert in the Harry Potter films!!  So there you go!!  By the way, he intends living in this Duck House that he's heard people are making in the aforementioned TIAS!!!  Let's hope its big enough for him!!! ROTFL

Anyway, I suppose I'd better go get some shopping done before everything is gone and we have nothing for tea!!

Chat later

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