Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jane's Day 3 is up Folks!!

Evening All

Well.... here's my 'offering' for Day 3:

I am still sure it's got something to do with ducks and water!! LOL

As I said yesterday,  I was on a Tatty Day, with Elaine Scott!!  She did a brilliant talk about tatting and how she got started.... and then proceeded to show peeps who had never tatted how to tat!!  First off using string, and then using a shuttle!  All in all it was a brilliant day!  I got some threads and a tatting book that I didn't have in my collection and I've been watching it on amazon for a while.... well, now it's mine!!  Didn't do any tatty bits last night tho... I was busy watching tv instead!  Can't remember what tho!! VBG  If this sounds about right to you then you're just like me!

Anyway, I'm cooking tea so I'd better go!

Chat later

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