Tuesday, 21 January 2014

There Be Dragons.... well nearly!!

Morning All

Back with Day 6 of Janes' TIAS.... mine doesn't look totally like hers in the diagram, but I'm sure it'll work eventually!!

Now for those of you who want to know about the dragons.... I'm making a Loch Dragon from Anne Bruvolds design....  This Loch Dragon lives on the edge of a loch and helps the Nac Mac Feegles with their antics in Good Terry Pratchett Style!! LOL  He has been described as a Big Bird.... even by the Big Wee Hag.... but they're all wrong!!!  Mind you, he's rather shy so he doesn't mind that people think he's a bird....

Here's his tail.... you'll see the rest of him when he sits still long enough for me to photograph....!!  He was hiding under the shuttles here..... Incidentally he's called MacVroom because he flies so fast you don't notice him!!!  VBG

I was at the funeral of a good friend yesterday.... sad for her family, but she passed away very quickly so at least she didn't suffer.... she will be missed tho.  RIP Deborah!

Chat later


  1. Lovely thread you're using. LOVE your barmy stories!!!! Bet he'll turn out to live in a duck house!!!

  2. How did you guess that he hides under duck house roofs??