Monday, 27 January 2014

Don't Know What....

Evening All

Well, it is nearly!! Tea is cooking - chicken that we were going to have last night until something else happened!!

Jane E put up her Day 8 destructions this morning....  if you haven't already joined in on this and want to start, it's never too late!!!  Here's the beginning of it....  Just go to the Introduction at the top of the page to read all you need to know!!!

Anyway, my Day 8 started this morning with the horrible feeling it was doing 'something revolting' outside.... Rain Again!!!  After my early morning coffee I checked on McVroom.... and sure enough... he was out on a flight!!  Had to wear ALL my wet weather gear for school!!  Means the car seat gets soaked as well!! YUK!!!!

After my return and making bacon sarnies for 'the boys' I checked to see if Day 8 was really in operation.... it was!  Straight after lunch, over yet another coffee I got on with the job in hand... OK, ok, ok.... shuttles in hand!! VBG  This is what I did:

Now, I don't know about you, but it still looks like 2 daisies in a plant pot with a vine leaf coming out of the side to me....  so maybe McVroom is right and it will be a plant pot for his dragon/duck house.... LOL

I have got something else on the go as well as a hankie edging that I can't remember what I did with the destructions for.... must find them!!  but I can't show you the something else.... suffice to say that it's a slight adaptation of a pattern.... not enough of an adaptation for me to claim it.... but I'll show you and explain what I did when I've done it! I might even give you the original pattern link if you're very lucky!!

Oh well, I suppose you want to know what the 'don't know what...' is all about don't you??  Nosey!!  Simples.... Don't know what to make when I've finished this adaptation that I'm not sharing at the moment!!

Right, off to check on a chicken and move the cat off the back of me chair again!!  Got some thread in the bag next to me and it's calling to be tried out on.... earrings!!!! ROTFL

Chat soon

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