Thursday, 9 January 2014

TIAS Day 2

Hi All

Jane's put day 2 up on her blog.... here's my contribution!!  I think it looks like the leg and foot of a duck!! LOL  Well, ducks do have webbed feet don't they??  Mind you... so does the Newfoundland that lives next door!  Its either that or it's a ducks bill chewing a daisy..... VBG

Anyone any other ideas?

Told Jane what I thought it was.... she now thinks I'm mad because I posted this reply to her....

Well you see miss it's like this.... your town nearly flooded, our village nearly flooded,... there's been a lot of rain....I'm a little less than a duck.... now that's 3 'water related' things!! Why shouldn't I think of fluffy ducks...?  Anyway, I had another look this morning after I'd written and I've decided it's a ducks bill chewing a daisy!  Or it could be an eider.... down.... So there!!!  (Sticks tongue out and runs away giggling madly....)  

She's now looking for the telephone number of those nice men in white coats.... ROTFLMAO

Chat soon

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