Monday, 6 January 2014

Jane's TIAS for 2014

Day 1 is up there folks!!!  As I said, I had my shuttles ready, and while my beloved Granddaughter was asleep this morning I tatted todays contribution! The link to TIAS I shared yesterday, start by reading the introduction!!!

For the eagle eyed among you.... yes you can see an 'end'!  I had Rainbow Taffy on a couple of shuttles, can't remember why, but I thought I'd use it up!!!  Well, I had the right amount on each!!

Now the next question is.... what will it be?  It looks remarkably like the start of a flower garden to me... LOL  Can't wait for Day 2!  Only I'm back at school tomorrow as well.... keeps fingers crossed I can do it straight after a late brekkie when I get back from the morning run....

It's just dawned on me.... I must have come back to tatting just around a year ago now!!!  Crikey!! Doesn't time fly??  I first started this blog just under a year ago.... I started it to show off my tatty bits and Jane's TIAS for 2013.... now I finished the pram just before I found out I was to be a 'Granny'.... lets hope there are no more 'oddball' surprises this year!! VBG

Chat soon!!

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