Wednesday, 15 January 2014

TIAS Day 4

Morning all.

Well I think it's morning... it's still VERY dark outside although it's not raining just at the moment!  Even my son's South African Ciclids think it's still dark and they keep hiding!!  Mind you, the'll have square eyes at the rate they're going.... they love watching TV or watching us when we're eating tea!! LOL  There are some babies in there as well, so he can't do a full water change just at the moment.

Anyway, back to the matter of tatting....

My effort for day 4 is here:

I know Jane says 'No Way!!' but I still think it has something to do with ducks....  It's half the roof of a Duckhouse!!! LOL

I'm also considering joining the 25 motif challenge.... I'm sure I do enough things to qualify for it!! VBG  Think I'll have to 'ask' about it!  Mind you, I don't think the fandango set of squares that I'm tatting at the moment would count as 4... VBG.  Or the earrings as 2....

Oh well, I'll have to go and find me scissors because the last destruction on Jane's pattern says: C & T and I've filed me scissors somewhere safe!

Chat soon!!

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