Friday, 16 January 2015

And Again!!!

Eeh the postman has been busy!!!  Just 24 hours after The Book arrived I gotta nuvver package all the way from the US!!!!  Second part of yesterdays post....

This is what was in the package....

First up.... the tin!!  Now don't you just love the sentiment on it??  Brilliant!!

Inside.... were these:

3 different sized crochet hooks done special for tatting!!  Yes of course I have other sets.... but can someone explain to me why it is that you NEVER have the size you need with you??  for instance, I've got the Handy Hands set on the 'hanger'.... the tiniest one is with my hanky edge in a tub because it's a long term project.... I don't carry that all the time if I'm working on something else.  Then I have one that's probably around 100 years old.... german in origin and in a wooden handle with a wooden cover over it.  That doesn't travel with me because I don't want to lose it!!  So when I'm slotting beads over picots I end up resorting to  needle n thread.... Don't need to do that now!!! VBG

Then there was yet another tin....

Inside that? ....

My very own set of individual picot gauges!!!  Once again I've got the HH one and a wooden 'all in one' one, but I am always trying to make them work because I can make incredibly tiny picots by 'eye'.... but I am useless at measuring larger ones with them!!  Particularly when you have to make 'multiples' all the same within a few ds's!!!  Challenge solved!!

Oh well, that's that late pressie sorted.... now just to sort the Amazon vouchers I got!!  Some of Marilee's books from there maybe??  Off to play now!!

Ok.... I'se back!!!!  Somebody put up Day 4 of her TIAS and here's my interpretation of the destructions... I still think it's an EFUS but Young Sir's girlfriend thinks it may be a piece of jewellery... like a tatty Flying Owl!!  we will have to see who's right!!  Unless of course that certain OG took me up on my challenge last year of the Umber Ella!!! VBG

Right now I'se off to play!!!!

Chat later


  1. What lovely loot from America. I love those short hooks. I don't stab myself with them!!!

    1. I think they're brilliant too... and the tin now contains my scissors AND some safety pins!! Now I can carry everything in safety and not stab me when they're in a bag!!!