Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Meet Al....

Well folks... he's finally arrived.... Did I just hear you ask who???  Simples!!  It's Al!!!!  Whaddya mean you've never heard me mention Al before??  Sure I have, haven't I??  Ok, ok, ok,  I'll introduce you properly!!!

Here you are:

That's Al.... Al the Albino Field Mouse!!! VBG  I think he's after the bread crumbs on the kitchen side!!  He's skinny because he's only a baby mouse!!!! Rofl

Field mouses are normally light brown with a cream belly and a short tail.... the grey or long tailed mice tend to be found in houses and other waste areas.... Unless they're cream and light brown and have furry tails - they're Dormice!!! Well, that's what we've found in our neck of the woods anyway.... Didn't know you were getting a biology lesson did you!!! LOL

Anyway, Al, as you can see, is Albino.... and he's the only mouse to LOVE snow!!!  (Well, unless you've read the Brambly Hedge books that is!!)  I first spotted him a few years ago when the UK was blanketed in the funny white stuff!!  Now he's back.... watching out for that funny white stuff so he can have a Snow Ball!!!  I'm hoping he doesn't invite too many of his furry 'friends' to the Ball.... otherwise all the snow they bring into our house will make it rather cold and damp!!! Rofl

The pattern for him came from the Baubles Bugs & Blossoms Randy & Gary Houtz...  book which I managed to get hold of as a Christmas Present!!!  First off I tested the pattern with this:

but I just HAD to make Al now didn't I???

Anyway, that there weatherman on the TV said it's going to be 'orrible weather over here for the next few days... cold, windy and a strong possibility of the White Stuff and I don't mean milk!!!  So, up popped Al!!  Now I wonder where I put me brown.... make him a little friend!!!! Rofl

Chat later!!


  1. There will be no stopping the arrival of mouses now - Al is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Maureen!! He thinks he's cute... and so do my cats!!! VBG

  2. You could put catnip in one for them!

    1. After seeing what they do with 'catnip toys'... he'd be shredded in 10 minutes!!! VBG