Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bauble Bobble.... etc...

Well it is!!!

I convinced meself that I 'Needed' to try the destructions BEFORE I have a go at making mousy!!  You know how it goes.... if at first you don't succeed.... you ain't a budgie!!! (Suck seed???)  Ok, ok, ok, I heard the groan all the way over here in East Yorkshire!!! LOL

Anyway, as I was waiting for the next instalment of the TIAS to come live.... This instalment: (well, the blog anyway....

SPOILER ALERT!!!!  Which I now think could well be.... a Kellywopter!!!  You don't know what a kellywopter is???  I'll tell you shall I???  (It's a thingummybob with a jigamatwist on it's undercarriage!!! Rofl)  Well you didn't think I REALLY knew did you???

I decided to do a tryout of the pattern for a bobble bauble...!!!

Here it is.... complete with it's mastikes.... (no of course I didn't make a mistake.... VBG)

If you could see it clearly enough you'd see that on the very last 'round' I got the ribs switched!!!  Didn't spot it till I tied off the shuttle threads!!!  How annoying is that??? Mind you, gives me an 'excuse' to make more!!! VBG  wondering if it's possible to make loads... fasten them all togevver and fasten them to me scissors!!!  Then with any luck me scissors won't go missing!!!  Whaddya reckon???  different colours maybe... wonder what it'd look like in variegated thread.... can I make earwigs??? Rofl

Right, off to play, after I've done some food shopping... forgot the milk etc!!  Then I may just give Mousy a run!!!

Chat later


  1. Earrings are a MUST. I've got several pairs now using the bobble technique. Well done with cracking the bobble. Oh, I know what a kellywopter is - it's one of those things that makes a noise but saves people's lives if it's got 'ambulance' written on it!!!