Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 7!!

And yet another bit of the puzzle done!!

Here's my contribution folks:

Right... so guesses.... bat ears?, bunny ears?, scissors? donkey ears?  dog with 2 tails??  a hare?? or is it still an Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand??  I really have no idea!!!

My bracelet is coming on apace, but I'll show you it finished now... so no pics until it is!  Doesn't look much with 20 safety pins over the picots!!  I'm on the final side of the final round so it shouldn't be too long!  Then... well, there's this 'ere mousy to come creeping out of his hole... and I may just have to invest in some of Marilee's books... and I've got beads and buttons so earwigs or anuvver bracelet maybe?  Then there's the 40 thread to be tatted into something ....  get the impression I'se going to be one busy tatty body?? LOL  Must finish bracelet first tho!!

We've had a funny ole week with the weather.... it snowed on Sunday night, not much, but enough to snarl up the traffic on Monday!  Freezing cold on Tuesday and Wednesday, but no frost overnight on Wednesday!  We were out for a meal on Tuesday with Li'l Miss and most of the rest of the family... (Mummy & Daddy, MIL, and of course Sir!!)  Went to a chinese restaurant and Li'l Miss decided she adores prawn crackers!!  On Wednesday we were at the Radio Club for a talk on Amateur Radio in the First World War.  Very interesting it was too!  Yesterday of course was my lace class...

Lace??  Yes I did say lace!!  And I don't mean tatty lace... bobbin lace is what I mean!  I've had this 'ere piece of Bedfordshire lace on my pillow now for 3 years!!!  It's still only a third completed!  However, it's moving on... and the pillow is residing at my Crazy Dutch Friends house for the week!  Hopefully the Lace Fairies may just do a bit for me!!  Mind you, they can't do too much because the bobbins that need to go back in are residing in my bobbin case here!!

So, we will just have to see what happens there won't we??

Right, now to send the above pic to Miss for her TIAS blog!!  Then I'll get more of the bracelet done... then I can have a go at a mousy!!

Chat soon


  1. Great guesses there but I'd stick to the Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand if I were you!