Thursday, 22 January 2015

Miss me yesterday??

Evenin' All.... so did you miss me yesterday???

Yesterday I was one very sad tatter.... a good family friend passed away on Tuesday.  Freda was one of life's lovely ladies, always ready for a laugh and always seemed to have food on the go in the kitchen!!!  So, for those of you who are reading this and pray.... please remember Freda and George & Leanne who are now missing their wife and mum.

Anyway, didn't feel much like posting.... so I decided to do it today instead!!

These 'ere batty ears....

I know they're batty ears because bats sleep downside up don't they??? VBG  Mind you, knowing Madam they could be scissors or bunny lugs or even her version of my Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand!!  (Wish I could remember which radio/tv show that was on.... one of those laugh and guess shows.... way back in the '60's I think!!)  Knowing my luck it was probably something like Just a Minute.... but I don't think it was....

We've had mixes of weather today.... snow's all gone for now... 'cept where the sun ain't shone at all... like in the garden opposite where I stand.... can still see grey white stuff under the bushes!!  Mind you, I'm quite happy.... snowdrops are out!!!!  I loves snowdrops!!  (just reminded me.... somebody did a snowdrop pattern.... must make snowdrops!!)

Wanders off muttering strange and incoherent things about computer files and finding patterns and who did them....

Chat soon!!


  1. Sad times but keep smiling me old mucker. So, the guesses continue, eh?