Thursday, 8 January 2015

What to do when....

You know the feeling.... you're taking part in the TIAS over on Jane E's blog.... what do you do when you're waiting for the next part??  We all have different ideas!!  Well.... back in December I went to Solihull and... as you do.... fell in love with some colour threads over on the Roseground stand!!  Picking colours up was easy... and it wasn't until I got in the car on the way home, showing off what I'd bought, that I realised I'd picked up size 40!!!  Not going to let that stop me!!!

So... yesterday I decided to wind some thread onto shuttles... well you have to try thread out to see what it looks like when it's tatted don't you??  YES YOU DO!!!!  Don't tell small white whatsits to Pigmini.... she doesn't believe you!!! Rofl

I also had located some dagger beads and some size 11 beads....  not happy with just tatting 'bits'... (if you read this missive regularly you'll know that I have a 'thing' for earwigs!!!)  my 'bits' for trying threads out are earwigs!!  Not just any earwigs either.... just one pattern in particular!!!!  Dread to think how many times I've done that pattern...  OK, ok, ok.... it's this one!!  Yes dears, I know it's a motif... but it makes into brilliant earwigs with the addition of beads on ALL the outside picots!! (I keep threatening to add them to all picots... but don't fancy trying to add them to a false picot.... VBG)

Onnyway.... the Easter Egg colours for spring appealed... with the addition of either lilac or gunmetal 11 beads... the dagger beads... and Voila!!

The 'downstairs' pair came about because I miscalculated the amount of thread required (around 2 yards per shuttle in 40)... and ended up with a spare yard on each shuttle... so it was Winsome Earwigs with the Gunmetal beads and some tiny hearts that I found...!!

2 pairs of earwigs in one evening!!! Look totally different though... I think it's purely because you can see the colours of the thread in the diamond ones and not in the downstairs ones!!

Right... now I also have those heart beads with 'a shiny side'.... think I shall just HAVE to play with them!!!  I feel some other earwigs coming on!!  Maybe a variation of Winsome??  Watch this space!!

Chat later!!


  1. Those are both favourite patterns of mine, though I haven't got around to making earrings with the diamond. I see yours and think oh that's a great idea!

  2. HOW many pairs of ears have you got, Pigment? Not earrings - ears?