Monday, 5 January 2015


My first finished tatty of this year!! It's taken me all year to do it!! Lol. Truth be known I started it just before New Year!! 20 lizbeth mountain breeze and another lizbeth varied!!

Now to finish ends and 'repair missing link' then, decide what's next.... Vbg I'se spoilt for choice!!  Waiting now for the bobble book to come from the Houtz brothers in the USA!!  Got enough big projects on for now... but I need something for my bag!!!

That's after the tree etc has gone for the year and I've seen Li'l Miss who's crawling around nodding and saying 'Anma'!!!

Busy day!!

Chat soon


  1. I don't think the Bobble Mouse is a handbag project!! - I am determined to make one before the end of December.........
    I love Mountain Breeze, it's one ball that is actually very nearly empty now. I would buy another, but this year I am buying No More Thread. At All.

  2. But Maureen, it is only the start of the year .... can you really resist the temptation all through the year ? ;-P
    (Please excuse my liberty ... & wish you lots of tatting supplies this year - Happy Tatting :-))) )

    1. Not a problem Muskaan... I was thinking exactly the same!! And Maureen's not giving herself much time to do the mouse is she....?? LOL

    2. Oh dear ! What we write sometimes, where trying to make it short, & what it may be construed as .... I meant temptation to not buy thread ;-P

  3. Love the colours in your doily ! Hope to see many more beautiful tats through the year :-))