Saturday, 24 January 2015

You've been told!!!

That this blog is a laugh!!  Well, as you know this particular Pigmini is just a tad of a complete and utter nutcase!!  Proper Nut Job that's me!!!

Right, that there TIAS.... yesterday I gave various suggestions as to what it was... and in the comments Miss said I should stick to the EFUS!!  So.... That means it is.... An Elephants Foot Umbrella Stand!!! Rofl

The 'other whatsit' what I was busy with... yes you do know!!! Even if you don't want to admit that your rememberall is broken!!!  It's Marilee Rockley's Linnea Bracelet that I purchased over on Etsy!!  Well folks, it's.... Finished!!!  Want to see??  Yes??  OK. here you go!

Now the pattern calls for size 10 thread and over here in the UK the only size 10 thread I could find was in our local 'sells all shop'!!  The thread they sell is merely pastel shades in single colours!!  Didn't fancy making it in 'pastel'... so.... I changed the pattern!!!

Had 20 thread, and after I'd got to the '3rd' ring I measured it and worked out how much longer to make it!!  5 rings worked perfectly!!!  The thread is Lizbeth and the beads are from my stash!!  pink lined clear in the middle, then gold then silver lined royal blue!!

I'm quite pleased with the result!!  And before you all say it.... Yes I DO know it needs 'flattening a little'!!  However I'm rather pleased with the results!!  May just have to do another one in different colours now!!

So.... I wonder if this means I can try not following the destructions for that there mousy???  Not having any grey thread.... thinks I may just have to make a liccle white mousy with albino eyes.... Yes?? No??  think I'll make one with whichever eyes come to hand first... so... Watch this space folks!! Watch and learn how NOT to make a mousy!! LOL

Chat later!!


  1. Go for the mousy. If you make it in white, you can always say it's an albino. But you don't have to use size 10 for the baubles patterns.

  2. Hehehe... now there's a thought.... Al... The Albino Mousy!!! Loves it!!! Thanks Martha!!!!

  3. It's a beautiful bracelet! Looks quite effective, a bit curled up I think. Now then - Mouse Talk: if you come over to Brisbane in August, the Qld Tatters are having a whole class on How To Make a Mouse!! I keep looking at the book, but those commas and dots have stumped me, I can't make head nor tail of the instructions. Which isn't good, I need to understand the Mouse's tail - so I am waiting until August!

    1. The commas and dots indicate a rib but haven't looked as far as a tail.... Yet!!

      Need to iron the bracelet!!

  4. Your bracelet is so pretty!!! :)