Friday, 30 January 2015

My Tatty bits.... or Why am I freezing??

Soooo... what have I got to share today... what snippets of wisdom??!!  Wisdom?? Me?? Rofl!!!

Hope my readers haven't had the same wevver as we've had!!  Bits of snow, thaw, frost, thaw, bit of snow, thaw, result?? ICE!!!  I hates Ice!!!  Sir tried to go out in My Mini this morning... it's got better road handling than his Hyundai.... and the drivers door wouldn't close!!!  What did he do??  Drove it round to where I was with the Hyundai holding the drivers door to... and swapped cars leaving me to have to get it home the same way!! Men!!!!   Locks thawed now, just need to squirt it with lubricant... Why can't men think of these things???  Usually it's just that the window refuses to 'drop' because of ice on the bottom of the window... think that system is peculiar to minis....  Not that today tho!!

I'm busy making some teardrop earwigs to go with the bracelet I made the other week, the Linnea one from Marilee Rockley over on Etsy!!  Same colour thread and beads!!  Not the same beads tho.... because the gold ones on the bracelet would be too big for earwigs!!  They'd weigh me liccle ears down so they would!! VBG  First one's nearly finished, will finish it later and probably 'share a pic' over the weekend!!

I'm also going to HAVE to make another Chicken Wing Whatsit!! (Thanks to that certain BC3 that keeps churning them out and blogging them!!!  And another mousy, and another bracelet, and.... I'se planning what to do while the wevver is 'orrible' over the weekend!!!  I have No Intention of wandering very far from home unless it's vital!!!  (Does food shopping count as vital me wonders??)

Oh, and here's my latest 'contribution' to that there TIAS...

So I did the tatting and then realised I'd joined to the wrong vsp on day 8!! It's corrected now and you can see umbrellas falling out of the elephants foot stand!!! Either that or its a front to back ? on legs instead of a dot!! Lol  The reason it's front to back is because this crackers tatter tats front to back!!  It's 'cos I'se left handed!!!

Onnyhow... chats later!!


  1. A weekend of bad weather sounds very relaxing - unfortunately mine is going to be horrendously busy! Looking forward to more mice.

  2. Mouses, bracelets and allsorts!! Unless I curl up with the cats in front of the fire and either read or doze... tatting's a no no with our cats... shuttles are toys!!!! LOL