Tuesday, 13 January 2015

It Continues....

What do you mean... what does???  Are you not following the TIAS blog???? VBG

Here's my Day 3 contribution....

No they are NOT downside up.... I'se is a Left Handed Tatter I'se is!!  I holds me shuttles in me left hand to it comes out front to back!!! VBG  And... It's STILL an Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand!!!! Rofl

Right, I've got other 'stuff' to show you as well!!  First off, Li'l Miss is now virtually walking, so Mummy bought her her first pair of growed up shoeses the other day!!  She shows everyone:

Proper 'big girl shoes'!!!

Remember I made a pair of earwigs in 40 a few days ago??  Well I thought I'd show you the difference in size between the 40 and the 20.... so, here it is!!

Not a vast, but a bit....

Also, I've been treating meself!!!  Marilee Rockley over on her etsy shop (yarnplayer), has this gorgeous Linnea Bracelet pattern.... I couldn't resist it!!  Only challenge is that I can't get any nice colours of variegated thread over here in the UK in size 10!!  So.... I've altered the pattern 'just a bit' and made it in 20!!  Or at least I'm in the process thereof!!

Here's 'round one' dunned!!

I worked out the length that I should need and made it fit!!!  Now I shall move onto round 2 in variegated thread!!  I've also been beading over Christmas and last week I treated meself (again)... VBG to a pair of earwigs of lace bobbins....  Being me, I weared them ALL day wiv the tag still on... so that me Saturday Best Name was.... Olive!!!  'Twas on me lug 'twas!!! Rofl

Onnyhow, can't think of anything else to share with you so...
Chat later!!