Wednesday, 7 January 2015

TIAS 2015

Starts Today!!!  I'm sure that everyone already had their shuttles and button ready (and I'm not going to admit that the button came off an old pair of Young Sir's boxer shorts!!!) VBG

Here's the link for it!

Anyway, those of you that have taken part before should know that my 'guesses' on what it might just be are usually waaay out!!  Doesn't stop me though!! LOL

Today's bit gives no clues whatsoever....

But... my early guess is.... Elephant's Foot Umbrella Stand!!!! Rotflmao!!  But... if it is.... then maybe I've picked the wrong colours.... (Lizbeth Royal Wave)... because Elephants feet aren't blue & white... with grey bottoms!!  Oh well.... it's an EFUS that fell in blue paint and then tried to get rid of it with bleach!!!

Right, now you're all absolutely convinced that I'm crackers....

Chat later!!