Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Happy Crazy Tatty Cat Lady!!!

That's me!!!

As you probably know we have 3 cats.... well, 1 3/4 cats and a permanent lodger!!  The permanent lodger is Luna the Loon.... and the 3/4 is Neo who had an argument with a train and lost a leg!

Anyway, on with my story.... but I'm going to make you wait to find out what happened for the title to appear!!!  Rotter aren't I??? LOL

First of all, the next instalment of the TIAS.... Day 5!!  Well, Day 6 is up tomorrow so I thought I'd share Day 5 with you.... here you go:

It now looks like Bat ears!!!  (Or maybe I'm just Batty.... comments to that on soft paper please!!! VBG)  Looking forward to the next instalment now!!

Right, back to the story of the catty lady....  Last year I actually managed to complete my very first hanky edging in a size 80.... Really proud of it I was!!  Fandango edge by Jane on a hankie that was still boxed 30+ years after I'd received it!!  Anyway, it's usually either in the wash basket or in my pocket or bag!!

So.... on Thursday night I know I had it in my jeans pocket!  I used it and put it back!!  At the weekend when I was putting the jeans in the wash.... no hankie!  Contacted friends, shops, the street, near where I stand, the car, under the bed... etc.... no sign of hankie!!  Even asked the cats what they'd done with it.... of course, they denied all knowledge of ever seeing it!!  VBG  You know how you don't mind too much losing some things?  well this was NOT one of them!!  I'm attached to the hankie!!  Here, I'll show you it:

The colours matched the embroidery and it was just my favourite pocket filler!!  I decided that it was gone and just hoped that its new owner cherished it as much as I did.

This morning, after bemoaning the fact to a friend in an email.... Luna the Loony moved the cushion on my chair.... what was underneath??  Yes you got it!!  The Hankie!!!

Pleased as I am to have found it.... I still think it was very wrong of Luna to have hidden it in the first place!!!  So, that's the reason I'm a Happy Crazy Tatty Cat Lady!!! LOL

Now back to beads on thread....

chat soon!!


  1. So pleased you found it. Cats are controllers and like to upset us humans!!!

    1. I think she did it because I'd been and got some fish on Friday night and not shared all of it with her!! Vbg

  2. Must say, Luna has a sense of dramatic timing !!!
    Now you can go ahead & do the fandango :-D

    But check under all the cushions first ... who knows what's lurking for how long, courtesy Luna :-)