Thursday, 10 April 2014


Around 17 years ago when my son was at school I went to collect him at the usual time.  Unusually (for that time, but not later...) I was 'invited in' to see the head....  why?  Young Sir had 'gone missing' along with 3 friends at lunchtime!!  They'd hidden themselves under the coats in the cloakroom to see what happened when 'teacher' couldn't find them!!

Now, there's nothing unusual in boys doing this sort of thing is there??  So why does this incident stick in my mind.... well.... this particular 5 year old gave everyone a running commentary on whatever was going on in his mind!!  He could not be quiet or sit still!!  We always knew what he was up to from the mutterings!!!  It took him years to cotton on that if he'd shut up then I wouldn't have known that he was... taking satellite dishes to bits to 'see how they worked', or raiding the fridge (corned beef in one hand and cheese in the other... bite out of each one!!), or 'finding out how Daddy's motorbike works' with a screwdriver and a spanner!!  Not this day.... he'd actually kept quiet!!!  Gave the teacher apoplexy!!  She's never forgotten the incident either!!

Why am I telling you this??  Well, yesterday afternoon I got a panicking parent asking if I'd seen one of 2 brothers.... I had, but.... younger brother had 'gone missing'!!  Looked under the coats in the cloakroom I asked??  No, he wasn't there!!  I waited an extra 20 minutes before I got the report that he'd been found.... he'd gone to his brothers friends house looking for older brother!!!  Just reminded me of Young Sir at a similar age!

Ok, so I didn't get as much done on That Hat yesterday... between cooking and washing and meetings and boys going missing... Anyway, this is how far I am now....

I even sewed in the ends!!

Thanks for all the nice comments about it folks.  For those that don't know, the pattern is in here:

Last day of school today for the Easter break.... maybe the hat will 'grow' a little faster!!

Coffee awaits!!

Chat later


  1. I know the feeling of missing children, one of mine crawled under the bed and then fell asleep. We searched for hours, very panicky as she was only about 4. I still shudder 35 yrs later.
    I admire your hat to be.

  2. I hope you enjoy your version of The Hat as much as I enjoy mine - both the process of tatting it AND wearing it when it's finished. ;-) Makes me smile just to look at yours and remember working on mine. It's lovely. Hang in there - time consuming, but at the end, you will have a beautiful tatted hat.

  3. Thanks Both for the comments on the hat!! I'm considering 'friendship braceleting' a 'ribbon' for it when it's finished!! Rainbow colours!! Then I could tat a brooch for the side.... LOL