Sunday, 27 April 2014


You could have knocked me over with a feather (which is no mean feat I promise you... LOL) when I realised that I'd won that gorgeous mocha brown necklace over on Umintsuru's blog!!  Not bloghopping much over the easter weekend sure had it's downsides!!  Still can't believe it!!  Thanks for telling me Girls!!  I've emailed....

Right, that Hat....  Yesterday we had to travel to Sheffield for Sir to collect a whatsit... so we also visited Meadowhall!   Years since we've been!  All we bought was a coffee & a bite to eat!!  Did have a good look on 'the Lanes' though!!  The Lanes are the tiny shops that tend to be more independent than the general 'run of the mill' high street shops you see in every town!!

Anyway, as it takes an hour or so to get there from here I took the Hat with me!!  Managed to finish the round that I was working on!!

The next round is the last one before the ribbon band!  Then it's the brim!!! Onward & upward (or is it down & out....??) VBG

You can see it's definitely more 'bowl shaped' now.... curving nicely!!  Mind you, I'm quite surprised that the pic came out.... it was taken in the car whilst we were travelling!!  Just have to work out in my mind just how the next set 'connects', which isn't easy.... well it's because it's Sunday and my own particular BC3 isn't out of bed yet!!  She can't help being lazy on a Sunday!!  That and she needs to be wide awake early tomorrow.... we're back at school and Pigmini (my mini) is being VERY naughty and has to go to the garage, so I'm having to walk!!  3/4 hour each way and then 1/2 hours work!!

Chat later


  1. Think how fit you'll be after all that walking!!! The hat's looking great.

    1. Yeah.... 3 hours a day Monday to Friday plus 1 hour of standing around getting stiff!!! LOL I'll be fit to drop!! VBG

  2. The Hat is looking wonderful. One thing I did that helped me immensely when I got to the brim was to tat the *first* of each new motif in the same thread (brand), same size, but contrasting color. I used that contrast motif for a 'puzzle piece' when I did the joins with the *real* thread on the hat. Sounds like a lot of extra 'work,' but for me it prevented SO many mistakes in joining that it really saved me quite a lot of cutting and redoing, especially on the brim.

  3. You are tatting a HAT! Wow, that is brave. That is unususal, different and people will admire you. It looks already very good from here!

    PS. My tatting name is Tally, because my mother called me like that when I was a baby. It is also Tatty because my 10 year younger sister called me like that, when she was a kid. She could not pronounce the 'L' for a year or two. Why are you called Tatty?

  4. Brilliant Idea SWtrompeter!! If I could have found other colours (except bright white which would make the grey look decidedly so... VBG) I'd have done it in RAINBOW colours!!

    Tally Tatty.... well, the name Pigmini is my mini car.... she has money bank pigs on her sides and Tatty rhymed with Pigmini!! Apart from that my Dear OH reckons that everything I do is tatty!!! VBG I love hats, and don't wear them very often.... spent months looking for one for our daughters wedding! AND I can wear the hat when I'm demonstrating for our local Lace Group!!

    Thanks for the praise Girls!!