Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sunshine and hats!!

Morning All

Well, it was sunshiney until a few seconds ago.... now it's cloudy and the wind is quite cool!!  Been at my friends house to get her kids up for school this morning and, of course, the shuttles came with me!!  No chance of me leaving them at home!! LOL

Sooo... the hat now has 3 full motifs on, I ran out of thread at the end of the 3rd one on the 'second shuttle'.... so I wound some on a metal shuttle as you can see....

It's now back to a plastic one!!  The major challenge with the metal one is that it's too heavy to use as a second shuttle/chain thread!!  Made me liccle finger ache!!  However, just before I changed shuttles I couldn't resist taking this pic in the early morning sun!! VBG

I get the impression that the sun doesn't know whether to be out or hided this morning!!  One minute it's sunny, the next it isn't!!

A crochet group on Yahoo that I belong to had a 'brainwave' a few weeks ago.... lots of them wanted to learn tatting.... so.... we now have a new Yahoo Group called 'Wannabe Tatters'!!  Seems there are lots of peeps out there who want to learn!!  What they really need is just a few 'prolific' tatters to show them the way!! Some of them want to learn (shhh.... needle) tatting as well as shuttle tatting!!  Anyone out there interested in joining us??  Just click on the 'Wannabe Tatters' above!!  This particular crazy tatter only does shuttle tatting!!!  I'd feel it was more like crochet or embroidery if it was done on a needle!!  And.... I'd be forever cutting thread!!!

Anyway, coffee calls!

Chat later


  1. congrats on the hat progress and the new group. Have fun with your students.

  2. Thanks Ladytats!! There seem to be quite a few people who are prepared to help on there which is good given that I'm in the UK and most of them seem to be in the USA!!