Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to...

completely sort your muscles out!!!  That's what this post should read!! VBG

Miss me yesterday and Tuesday??  Tuesday went by in a flurry of meetings etc and as for yesterday....

Well, a good friend of ours last summer complained to Sir that he didn't have a strawberry patch in his garden.... (remember the jam making??)... So... Sir thought it was a good idea to propagate some plants for him!  A while later we had 18 plantlets for him which we have over wintered at home.

Last week when we saw him we pointed out that if there wasn't a patch created soon, then the plantlets would HAVE to go in our patch  (in which we don't need extras....).  It was arranged to spend some time down there to 'sort the garden out'.... Now have you ever thought that this might NOT be a good idea??

We descended on him, with brush cutter, strimmer, spades, forks, rakes, secateurs, gloves, extension cables....

What did we find??  Well, apart from the path created when he had some horse manure delivered... this was what we found....

Yikes!!  The brambles (blackberries, they're known locally as brambles) were made short work of with the brush cutter, bagged into large garden sacks (12 of them full!!), and then we waded into the 'corner' behind the shed, where the strawberry patch was to go, in order to remove the assorted weeds, rubbish etc... old paddling pools, polythene with grass growing over it, old plant pots... balls... we picked up a LOT of those....  (what's more.... when friend's daughter and hubby were asked to help.... they both decided they had other things that needed to be done immediately!!  They are both around the same age as our kids, and neither of them work...., both were in the house... they live with her Dad!... you don't want to know what was muttered!!)

Anyway, after what seemed to be weeks, but was actually about 8 hours, we ended up with this:

Bit different isn't it?? Needless to say the plants are now in, and we had a well deserved meal in the pub!!  Incidentally, we did look for the 'knee high' Allarwe indians... didn't find any tho, although we did rehome a number of garden toads!!  Allarwe indians??  They are about knee height and go around in 6 foot high grass, as they can't see where they're going very well, they push their way through, shouting 'We're the Allarwe!!'... Now that'll sort out a certain OG's ageing knicks!!! ROTFL

As for tatting, well... I managed this so far:

As you can see, the next 'round' of motifs are going in!! The 'feet' are the next round, 6 of those and then 6 in between them!  The third one is about to be started!  what's more I've got class tonight, and the shuttles go with me as well as a lace pillow  (pillow is usually left in the back of the car), if there's room and your's truly can be bothered to walk back out and get it, then bobbin lace may be made.... otherwise it's me, shuttles, coffee and chat!!!!  Our sort of class!! LOL  Now I'll know when Teach has read this, because she'll mention the pillow or some such!! VBG.  Mind you, it may just be shuttles tonight, don't think the back will stand bending over a lace pillow after yesterday!!

Right, off for coffee...

Chat later


  1. You're MAD!!!! Tat's all I'm saying today!!!

  2. I'll agree with that statement!! LOL