Monday, 28 April 2014

It's a Cat's Life!!!

Today has been a glorious day!!

Pigmini got herself sorted by that nice Mr Mechanic (I'm sure she goes wrong just so she can let him play with her engine!!!) LOL  This is good, because I definitely need her for the weekend!!  We're demonstrating lace and tatting on Sunday!!  There's a 'practice pillow' for bobbin lace and my shuttles and some tatted pieces will be going with me!!  For a start I'll find McVroom!! some earwigs, the necklace will be worn, along with a bracelet I made last year and the earwigs that match the necklace!

Right.... the title of this page.... as I said, today has been gorgeous.... and I found this in the garden:

It's Neo, our 3 legged cat!  (He lost a leg in an argument with a train!!) He was very lucky to have survived at all!!  Fancy just having the time to lay and sunbathe!! VBG  I also spotted this:

Those strawberries come up everywhere!!  This one is a wild one tho.... produces tiny strawberries that get eaten by the birds before I get chance!!  We leave it there to grow, might just stop them pinching ours!!

Not only was I back at school this morning, but I was also back at my friends.... looking after the kids!! A very early morning for me.... 5.15am start!!  Still, I managed to make a start on the last round of The Hat .... or at least the last round before the band and the brim!!

Haven't had chance to carry on during the day.... had to take the car, do Young Sirs pack up and our lunch, washing up, back to school this afternoon.... then spotted Neo.... and we've arrived to now!!  Will do some tonight tho.... maybe, unless I fall asleep that is!! ROTFL!  Mind you.... I've got an idea on what to do with some threads I found.... maybe!!

Isn't it great about Jane going to Palmetto??  I read it over on her blog this morning!!  I'm GREEN with envy!!!  Think it'll do me any good saying 'I'll carry your Case Miss'!!! LOL

Anyway, must make food....

Chat later


  1. You're welcome to come with me and carry my case AND me!!!! Neo looks very comfortable!!

  2. Ain't gonna happen Miss!! (Ouch... me back!! ROTFL)

  3. it is so good to see spring somewhere. I think your hat will be a hit. and have fun tatting this coming weekend.

    1. I'm sure I will Ladytats.... and as long as I remember to take some pics I'll put them up on the blog!! LOL

  4. You are making fabulous progress on your hat and it's looking wonderful!!! :)