Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Morning All

Now some little bird told me that it's IFT today!!  For those of you who are not tatters... that's International Tatting Day!!  So, happy tatting day to all tatters!!

More importantly than that, of course, is that it's April Fools Day.... now the one thing that really gets me about April 1st is that people pull jokes on each other on MY Daughters Birthday!!  Not only is it her birthday, but it's also her husbands birthday today!!!

So.... Happy Birthday to Both of Them Too!!  We do tell them occasionally that the only reason they got together was so that they couldn't forget each others birthdays! VBG

Right, tatting....

Now last Saturday was The Last Harrogate Lace Fair (which I hope they don't really mean) and I went along with my Crazy Dutch Friend and her hubby!  I only came back with a little bit.... honest!!  a few threads, some lace bobbins, a few shuttles and some books!  Oh, and some beads and some tiger tail for making a necklace.... I'll show you it when it's finished!!  It did look good when they showed us the example!

So, these 'ere threads and books.... well, a couple of weeks ago I fell in love with this book:

That Hat just has to be made!!!  I've started it, and got as far as the second repeat of the first round.... and then realised that this particular Fool hadn't read the pattern properly!!  So I cut it off and am about to start again!!  'Twill be later tho.... we're out for a meal at lunch with DD and her hubby and his family and our Granddaughter, and Sir's mum and our son....  then son has to go to work.... 2pm till 10pm!!  I may Just have the shuttles in my pocket!!

Also, Sir decided it was about time we made a hedge or fence or something instead of the netting we've got at the bottom of the garden.... so he decided to dig a trench, fill it with horse manure, so that we can plant 100+ hedging plants.... hawthorn, dog rose, wild cherry, beech and whatever else is in the HUGE box that arrived yesterday!!  challenge is... the trench is at the moment a field that hasn't been touched for YEARS!!  Very sandy soil, but.... very overgrown with couch grass!! and brambles!! OUCH!!  Fancy taking tatting time away from me to dig the edge of our garden!  Just to put plants in!!  Mind you, it will look good when it's established!!  I'll show pics later!  I'm sure the cats will Love it!!

Where I stand as a 'Lollipop Lady' there's a beck (a stream) and I couldn't resist taking this pic of it...

my very own bit of wild area in the midst of a Huge new Estate that's over doubled the size of the village in the last 15 years!!  There are water voles just down stream a bit... and I frequently see them 'pottering' along the edge of the bank!

Anyway, back to the manure and the trenches and wrapping birthday presents!!

Chat later


  1. Don't make a mistake and plant yourself in all your enthusiasm!!!!
    Good luck with the hat!!! Well done with 'stashing up' at Harrogate too!!!

  2. That is so unusual for husband and wife to have birthdays on 1st April. If I were you should tat instead of dig! Good luck with the hat (big sister has just said that, obviously great minds think alike!)

  3. Thanks All!! Did a little tatting whilst we were out... my contribution to the day... Had made yet another mastike on the hat... so I'm starting.... AGAIN!! VBG 3rd time lucky??