Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Eggs and Chocolate and....

Yummy little Granddaughters!!! VBG

Didn't get much tatting done yesterday.... I was out babysitting my gorgeous Granddaughter!!!  Mum had to go see someone and couldn't take young Madame with her.... so Granny got to babysit!!!  We went for a walk and she charmed the men we saw in the street, loved the cherry blossom falling on the pram and coo'd & giggled at everyone she met!!

On our return, we sang songs (she was playing with Nellie.... so it just HAD to be Nellie the Elephant didn't it?? LOL) (Actually, it's probably why it rained.... Oops.... Sorry!!)  Then we watched the cats in the garden before reading stories, which is quite difficult when you start at the wrong end of the book!!!  Well, Madame had the book and I was busy trying to stop her eating it!! LOL  Oh, and she has decided that Roly Poly is a good game!!

Anyway, tatting.... I found some gold thread wound on some lace bobbins.... I'm now seriously thinking of winding it with the white cotton (both are around an 80 thickness) to make a HWT for something exotic... like earwigs!!! VBG or a brooch....

I digress... (do I??) the Hat is coming along slowly.... the first of the 12 'start of the side bits' were done the other day (I'm sure I put a pic up.... the cream one that looked blue), and I've now got the first 2 of the other filling in bits in their proper place!  See what I mean?  Once I've got the other 4 in place the whole thing will start to look more like a bowl!! LOL  Still lots to go though.  It's the top and the bottom ones of the 3 on the right hand side!!!  I took the photo on the pouffe while the cat was not in residence for a change!!  It still looks a little blue on the left tho... think it must be the daylight or something!!

Young Sir was shattered when he eventually got home 2 nights ago.... he'd started work at 9am Monday and was supposed to leave work at 5pm.... he stayed until 10pm!!!  A 13 hour shift is not my idea of fun!!  He must be barmy!  His attitude is that he gets paid tho.... VBG  Then he was back 2pm till 10pm yesterday and will be today too....

Ok, so why Eggs and Chocolate.... well it is Easter Week and I didn't get any easter eggs or chocolate.... but that's OK because I'd sooner have that yummy granddaughter!!!! LOL  Maybe I should call this post Rhubarb & Custard.... because a friend brought me a rhubarb plant for an Easter Present!!  Just gotta get it in a bigger pot and.... Yum in the Summer I hope!!!  (Wonder what Rhubarb muffins will taste like.... That'll stop Sir eating them.... he can't stand the stuff!!)  More for Meeee!!!

Anyway, coffee or something methinks....

Chat later


  1. oh rhubarb, it is so awesome. Pies, cakes, muffins, breads, sauce, jam, yum yum yum.
    Thy grow here in the ground and get very big. #1Daughter tried to dig one out one year for her new house, she only got part of the plant, the tap root was down longer than 4' so they took an axe to it, and she filled a washtub with what she did take.

    1. I love it too Ladytats!! However the plant is only a baby.... in a 6" pot!! It's going to go in a much larger one as soon as I get chance to plant it!!