Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunny Easter Holidays!!

Oh I do so love it when it's sunny!!  There's something about the warmth.... ('cept for the icy cold wind that's blowing...) but we won't dwell on that!!

Got a Gas Man coming this morning to see if he can mend the coal effect, victorian looking, fire in the lounge... it doesn't want to ignite!!  How annoying is that??

Anyway, as I'd done the earwigs to go with the necklace, I've gone back to the Hat!!  The top of the crown is finished!! and now I am starting on the side bits to come down to the band... 2 rows to do altogether - 24 motifs!!!  With the 7 I've done so far that'll be 31 motifs before doing the band and then the brim!!  Ooh... that makes it sound as if I've an awful long way to go!!!!

So, here's the top of the crown:

Those earrings I did to go with the necklace, Sir decided he doesn't like them or the 'dangly bit' on the necklace!! MEN!!!  Can't be doing with them criticizing my work!!  I may never wear them now!!!  Might just have to do some more!!!! (slightly different!!)

Also, I went for a walk yesterday.... down to the carpark on the river because we've just had 2 benches donated by the local pub (they were refurbished at the end of last year, and the outdoor benches were 'surplus to requirements'!!)  It's not a huge distance from home, but in order to not make the walk linear, it's quite a way round.... along the riverbank and across the fields!!!  Anyway, these seats....  they've been installed down near the car park!!  The nearest one has been there a while, but some more were needed, to stop people trying to picnic on the wall!!  It's not a huge carpark and there's no parking overnight on it... in fact the gate is locked shut between 8pm and 8am!! every day of the year!!!!

Look good don't they??

Chat later

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