Monday, 7 April 2014

It's Raining!!

Morning All

So.... it's not really rain,  more wet!!  Got slightly damp doing the school run this morning.... most parents seemed to have taken the kids in the car.... think they think kids are made of sugar!!!

A good friend text me on Saturday to say she's also now a Grandma!!  Another little girl to keep us all going 'Ahhhh'!!  Sent congratulations to the new parents and new Grandparents as you do!!

The weather kept me in over the weekend tho, well almost... we did go see how the garden hedge is doing, and a few bush sticks are budding, so that's good!! .... anyway we couldn't do much outside... so I finished this:

That makes 14 of my 25 for the year!!!  Just need to put the clasp on now and it's ready to wear!!!  I love the colours in it!  Just realised, you can almost see the shadow of the camera!!!  Roll on Summer when I can wear me sleeveless teeshirts and the necklace!!!

I'm also getting on with the hat....  Motif 3 is being attached as you can see here....  The ends of motif 2 would have been finished.... but I forgotted me whatsit this morning!!  Must remember to look for me scissors....

I think it's going to look good when it's eventually finished.... dread to think how long it will be tho VBG!

The furry cushion is trying to climb on top of son's fish tank.... she thinks that because it's heated and so it's warm up top, then it makes a brilliant seat!!  Definitely shades of.... 'but it's warm so why isn't it for sits???'... makes a change from the computer!! LOL

I may just go blog hopping now.... see what you've all been up to over the weekend!!

Chat later


  1. Very nice necklace!! :)
    Great start on your hat! :)

  2. Beautiful design for your hat.

  3. Wow you finished the necklace, it looks great. The hat is going to be a long project but look forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Thanks for the praise!! I think you're right... the hat will take a while... but you never know!! LOL