Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday

Now can someone please explain why it's called Good??  Christianity states that crucifixions took place on this day.... that wasn't good surely!!  Maybe the explanation lies elsewhere....

I googled it.... and this is what Wikipedia said:

The etymology of the term "good" in the context of Good Friday is contested. Some sources claim it is from the senses piousholy of the word "good", while others contend that it is a corruption of "God Friday". The Oxford English Dictionary supports the first etymology, giving "of a day or season observed as holy by the church" as an archaic sense of good (good, adj.), and providing examples of good tide meaning "Christmas" or "Shrove Tuesday", and Good Wednesdaymeaning the Wednesday in Holy Week.

So now we know!!!

Anyway.... can someone also explain why it is that I have a favourite nail for tightening rings and chains.... and I broke it on Wednesday in that garden!!!  How annoying is that??!!  I spent last night attempting to tighten a different way.... didn't work, so I'm just using what's left of me favourite nail!!! LOL

This morning while it was cloudy I went 'blog hopping', a favourite pastime....  you learn all sorts of things.... so, I followed links, made coffee, followed some more links and found a site that had something VERY interesting on it....  it was this!!  Thanks for putting it up Tatting Fool!!!! VBG  I do so love it when someone posts something useful!!! And before you all run away muttering 'that's not very interesting'... it is to someone who loves that type of thing!  So there!!  I love some of her other tuts as well!!  One thing that will make me run away muttering is.... split chains!!  (Aaaaarrrrgh!!!)  I just can NOT get them to look right no matter what I do!!!

Last night I was at Class, (think I mentioned it yesterday....) Teach hadn't read the blog.... so she didn't say anything!!  But the table was full of lace pillows so I retired to the easy chair with me shuttles.... I did a lot of tatting (not!!), but I did manage a bit.... this bit....

So as you can see, the Hat is moving along (albeit slowly)!  Mind you, I had to rewind my shuttles (both of them) during the evening as they both decided to run out of thread!!  Not good!!! LOL  It's not going to fit on the chair arm at all soon!!  I'll have to find somewhere else to photograph it!!!  Oh, I also found out that one of the 'Thursday Night Class' has the finished article somewhere!!  I'm demonstrating lace with a friend in a couple of weeks, and we'll put on a bit of a display.... I've got my fingers crossed it may 'just' appear.... then I can take a real photo instead of the one in the book!!  (wonder if I can say it's finished.... VBG)

Oh well, they say it's Easter so I think I may have one of my favourite lunches.... Toasted Hot Cross Bun with Cheese!!!

Chat later!!


  1. Your hat is coming along beautifully!!! :) Slow and steady is better than quick and retat a hundred times over!!! :)

    1. This is true... I am making other things as well, so I don't get bored with plain cream tho... LOL

  2. It's from the Old English Anglo-Saxon "Gode's Fryday"- so yes, God's Friday morphing into Good Friday.
    I've just found your blog, so have been scrolling a little - I've enjoyed it!