Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I Made It!!!

Into the 'wall of Fame'!!

You know you're getting somewhere when 'certain OG's' start following what you post!! LOL

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!!  We went out for lunch with Madame, the Birthday man & lady... his parents, our son and my MIL!!  Sitting in the sunshine at the side of a peaceful lake... gorgeous!!  Then we came back to carrying on with this 'ere hedge!!

Hopefully the plants will go in today!!  Please note.... this is about a third of the length of our garden!!  It may only be 20 ft wide but it is loooong!!  Incidentally, the privet shown is staying, but it's rather spindly.... we were gifted it a few years ago with virtually no roots!!

Ok... so this hat.... I started it:

First mistake?? Forget to join the chains at the first picot!!

Cut it off, start again:

Second mistake?? Forget to join the 'ears'!!

So, I've started a THIRD time!!!  Hopefully.... well they do say third time lucky!! LOL

Now, you know that I'm not very good at learning not to not read destructions before you tat!!  Ass that I am!!  (Yeah well... Assume  makes an ASS oUt of ME!!) LOL

The necklace is coming on apace!!  I've put some extra beads in the middle simply because I was searching my stash and came across a hailstone!!  I decided hailstones just went with rainbows!!  Did that bit whilst at my friends this morning.... I look after her kids when she's at work and her hubby is working away, and get them up for school and things!!  They go to school when I do!!!!

Here you go:

With any luck I'll be able to share the finished article next week.... hedging notwithstanding!! VBG, I've got another 2 hailstones.... earrings maybe?? and No.... not the 'titfer'!!!  (for those who don't.... 'tit fer tat - hat' in cockney rhyming slang or some such....)

Oh well.... back to the hedge!!  I'll try not to plant me!! LOL

Chat later!


  1. Well if you're referring to me following you - I've been doing that for AGES. In fact since you first started rambling on this blog!!!! I suddenly thought that as you were active (when not 'hedging and ditching') I'd put you on my page too so that everybody can see you'!!!!!

    1. Yes I know!! But I couldn't resist saying it!! LOL

  2. So not only do you have the OG but you have her sister too following you! I think I may call myself the YG!!! The necklace is fabulous, I had thought of using different coloured buttons as can be difficult finding enough of one colour, now I can see it works - might even make one myself!

  3. Thanks Sally!! I love the way it's turning out too!! Am looking forward to seeing it finished now.... then to find buttons for the earrings to go with it!! VBG

  4. Your necklace is so pretty in those colors!! :)

    1. Thanks God's Kid!! I love rainbow colours as well!!