Friday, 4 April 2014

Furry Cushions!!

You know what it's like when you go to sit down in a chair and find it already occupied??  Well, I frequently find this warm furry cushion in the back of my chair....

Luna is a Madam for doing that!!  Her take on life is.... 'if it's warm, I sits and kips'!!  Cheeky Madam!! VBG.... she's actually a permanent lodger in our house...  belongs to Sons girlfriend, but lives with us!!

The necklace is coming on.... I do love the colours in it.... only now I have to find my ball of thread again.... one shuttle is almost empty!!!  Must find it later!!

Here you go:

Another thing I did a few weeks ago was to find a stack of buttons in a box in the local supermarket.... not being able to resist them I got them and added them to my stash....  However I hate throwing things away.... and the box is Very Useful:

One way of trying to keep my thread for the hat clean!!  Here's the first motif for the centre of the crown!!

Oops.... Noooo.... That's Li'l Miss with some of her first food all around her mouth.... have warned Mum that it gets interesting when it's in her hair.... between her toes.... Remember what that's like?? LOL

Try Again....

Got it right this time!! LOL

Aforementioned Son reminded me a short while ago of an Amon Amarth (some rock or heavy metal band or something that he listens to).... he bought a t-shirt from one of the festivals.... the washing instructions on the inside are very explicit.... full instructions on temp, ironing, etc.... and then at the end it states 'Or give it to your Mum'!!  Guess what he does.... VBG

Anyway, coffee awaits....

Chat later

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