Thursday, 3 April 2014


Planting 108 hedge 'babies' comprising, hawthorn, blackthorn, field maple, beech, hazel, wild cherry, bird cherry, guelder rose and dog rose!!  All mixed higgeldy piggeldy!! VBG

Now I forgot to show you just a bit of the 'stuff' I got at Harrogate last week... so here goes:

First up is the Celtic tatting book.  I did have a go at a small circle with a celtic shuttle, but... I still had to cut the shuttle and the ball off in order to finish it off!!  Think I must have done something wrong, so I'll have to try again!! LOL  Maybe I'll show you a pic of it another day...

What?? You want to see it Now???  Ok...

I may just make another one and make them into earwigs!!

Then there was this:

Given that my DD sings songs and nursery rhymes to our Granddaughter, I just had to get it!!  Keep her bedroom full of animal 'pictures'!! VBG

And, last but not least, there's the shuttles.... the red one is a Starlit by Handy Hands, the 2 painted ones are hand painted by Amanda for Roseground, and the last one was found in a box 'specially for me' by Stuart Johnson!!  He doesn't make them as a matter of course, so I was delighted when he found it lurking for me!!  You can see that 2 of them have been wound already, in fact you've already seen them.... tatting the hat!!

Anyway, that's really all I have to show you today.... the weather is dull, damp, foggy and 'orrible... and those hedge whatsits are in, so.... with any luck I can do a bit of tatting today!!  In between doing lunch and son's packing up and the ironing, and posting a parcel for Sir, and....

Coffee calls!!!

Chat later

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