Friday, 11 April 2014

I wandered....

... lonely as a something or other that we haven't got in the sky today!!!  Wall to wall sunshine at the moment!!  (Sorry Mr Wordsworth.... I do love your poem really!!) (Thought.... wonder if anyone already has, or I can design a daffodil for a brooch... it'd look fantastic on my aged dark jacket!!)

It's the first day of the Easter Holidays at our school, so no school run this morning!!  I went with Sir instead.... we ferry a blind girl to Beverley 3 days a week.... (Or rather Sir does, when I'm doing School!!) this was followed by a bacon and tomato sarnie down by the river, which was gorgeous until the guy living on the boat moored right on the lock decided to light a fire!!  It blew straight at the car!!  Grrr!!!  So we had a leisurely drive home again!

So, last night I had got 'fed up' of tatting cream.... not that I object to tatting cream really, but a lady does need some colour in her life!!   Well this particular OG does anyway!! VBG  So....

Remember this from a few days ago??

Not content with just the necklace, I created these last night:

Just the ends to finish off and the hooks to put on!!  Thats number 15 of my 25 for this year!! LOL  Am going to sort through my stash of buttons later... see if I have 7 the same or similar colours to the necklace.... then I can do a bracelet to match!!  (Note to self.... remember to look at the necklace and see if 7 is the right number or too many for your wrists!!)  It'd be right if I created the thing only to find it fell off!!... wonder what it would look like with smaller buttons... I've got those... hmmm....

Chat later!!


  1. Gosh, you're a fast tatter getting the necklace done so quickly. Looks splendid.

    1. If I were fast at tatting Jane, the Hat would be completed!! LOL Enjoyed doing the necklace and the earrings tho... they're still waiting for finishing off....

  2. Great to see that you have finished the necklace, and earrings too! They look great, as soon as you have tied the ends etc you must wear them and get some compliments.

    1. Thanks Sally!! You're more positive than my OH is!! He doesn't like them!! wont stop me wearing them on holiday tho!!! LOL