Friday, 25 April 2014

Definitely Friday!!

Morning All

I had hoped to show you some real progress on the Hat today.... however the 'powers that be' decided differently!

Wednesday afternoon we went out with Madame and her Mum up to Wharram Percy.  We had lunch in a pub at Sledmere (wonderful lunch it was, albeit a tad 'ouch' on the pocket!!)  We'd intended walking round the gardens at Sledmere House.... but it was SHUT!!  Soooo.... we went to Wharram Percy instead!!

What is it??  Here's what English Heritage say....

The village of Wharram Percy, in the Yorkshire Wolds, 
was continuously occupied for about 600 years, 
but by 1527 it was almost deserted, as a result of gradual
 abandonment and forced evictions. The ruined church is
 the last standing medieval building. 
Around it are the grassed-over foundations of
 two manor houses and about 40 peasant houses 
and their outbuildings. 
Since 1948 the settlement has been the focus
 of intensive research, which has made it Europe’s 
best-known deserted medieval village.

Some pics were taken but I can't share them with you now, because they're still on Sirs camera!!  You can still see the church, but the rest is just grass.... and really peaceful!!  You'll just have to make do with these that I took on my phone....  The building isn't that old.... 1850's it was a railway station (I think). (Actually, it's younger than our house by around 20 years!!)

So that was Wednesday, yesterday we spent most of the day in the garden, weeding, planting, etc...  and last night was my Lace Class!!  Got there, no problem, but... coming home the engine on the car decided to misbehave!!  It boiled!! (Again!!) this happened a few months ago and the water pump was replaced because it had gone!!  I've got demo stuff sitting in the back of her and she's in serious trouble!  Pigmini (her name) has a mind of her own!!  It's just dawned on me that I don't think I ever said why it's Pigmini's Tatty Tales.... Pigmini is my mini, she's 11 years old and usually behaves herself, but I think she must have some fetish for the guys at the garage!!  She's called Pigmini because she's yellow and has purple pigs in the logos on her side!!  Looks like she's becoming a stroppy teenager!!  She's off to the mini doctor on Monday!

Anyway, this morning, we were just getting up when the phone rang.... Sirs Mum.... in agony!  She's 92, lives on her own and a few weeks ago decided there were too many weeds in her garden (she's a keen gardener, does almost everything herself).  She needed a trip to A&E because she was in soooo much pain and couldn't move!  We rushed over, without breakfast or coffee or anything, thinking she must be paralysed or something!  She was pottering in the kitchen when we got there.... anyway, we took her.... strained muscles in the lower back (or as Sir puts it.... a pain in the bu....!!)  She's to take both ibuprofen and paracetamol every 4 hours, and if it isn't any better, see her doctor next week!

With any luck, I might just manage to do some tatting tonight!!  Did get a bit done last night, but not a lot as they say!!

Chat later


  1. Did you know you won the necklace on umiandtsuru's blog? Contact her to claim your prize.

  2. Just came over to say the same!!

  3. I nearly fell through the floor when I realised!! The challenge was I wasn't blog hopping on Good Friday.... or much over the easter weekend....

    I've emailed her and sent replies to her blog.... will wait and see now!!

    Still can't get over it!!! WOW!!